Thursday, 3 January 2013

How to Write a Business Proposal that Sells

A good business proposal is vital for bringing in the lucrative projects your company desires, and the resultant huge profits. While writing a project proposal, you need to be clear and professional while communicating company information, to ensure that your client stays impressed, and decides to grant you the deal.

Project Proposal Writing For Your Business

Writing a successful business proposal can be challenging task, if you are new to project proposal writing or are facing a language issue. Then again, project proposal writing can be just like crafting a report or a persuasive essay, with a few useful company details added in the appropriate places.

Tips For Writing A Great Business Project Proposal 

Here are a few tips on how to develop a smashing project proposal, which will successfully deliver the business results you need:
  • Define the problem and solution: A business proposal should identify the problems that the project is required for, and prescribe useful solutions to tackle them. These solutions should be smart enough to catch the attention of a busy client manager, who has to examine numerous project proposals. Client managers usually look for something new that saves money while bringing in the required results, so ensure that your project proposal clearly states this.
  • Use facts to bolster your statements: When you present your arguments for approval, base them on facts rather than opinions or promises. Conduct research on similar projects, and mention their successes and failures while points in favour of your business proposal. Mention how your project proposal will address the failings of similar plans and projects.
  • Make a prototype: If possible, create a small-scale version of the solution you are proposing in your business proposal, and present a report on the results gained from it. Based on the results shown by the prototype, present an estimate of the outcome that the full-scale project will bring about. Show the client different possible results, to give them a range of choices to consider.
  • Present a realistic estimate of expenses: Be very careful while mentioning financial and manpower resources. Conduct thorough research before mentioning any figures, and present the client with realistic estimates/totals of any project costs. Also, give your clients an approximate timeline, and split your project into phases.
  • Careful language and design: Use screenshots, diagrams, photos and colour schemes to make your project proposal attractive and engaging. Ensure that your completed document is free from spelling, language and grammar errors, or your credibility will be eroded. Structure textual content and images well.
  • Revise your proposal: After you finish writing your project proposal, don’t send it off immediately. Take some time and review the proposal, to make it clearer and more concise. Ask a colleague or professional editing company to critique it, and make corrections if necessary.

Your business project proposal is now ready. If you are too busy to write your project proposal yourself, you can always outsource the work to a professional corporate communications company like, and get our experienced content writers to develop a great business proposal for you. has written and edited hundreds of successful project proposals for clients from around the globe. Whatever the plan or project, if you require a well-written business proposal that wows the prospective client, just email us at or fill in our Contact Us form now!

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