Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Paid Blog Posts For Business - Why Product Blogging?

In today’s connected world, the combination of Internet-enabled smartphones, the Web and social networking tools, have transformed the way people communicate. This communication shift has also changed the way how people learn about a product, conduct market research, and make purchase decisions.

As a result, we have moved from the traditional sales-driven cycle to a more buyer-driven cycle. Think of it like this:

Imagine a sold-out sports arena packed with fans. In the traditional sales-driven cycle, you were standing in the middle of the field hawking your wares, while the people in the stands were your prospects, waving to get your attention. In today’s buyer-driven cycle, the person standing in the middle of the field is the buyer, while you are just one of the many sellers in the stands, trying to attract the distracted buyer’s attention.

As just a tiny dot in the crowd of sellers, you’ll have to use the right online marketing tools to stand out from the crowd, earn the customer’s trust and win their business. This is where product blogging can help you.

What is a product blog post?

A product blog post is a short promotional article about a product or service, which is posted on an Internet blog. Product blog posts are designed to generate publicity and get your targeted audience talking. They are also designed to give information about a product, and usually include details about a product’s features, specifications, uses, advantages, price and availability. In addition, some product blog posts may also contain photos and ‘follow’ links, to boost search engine rankings.

Product blog posts are usually written in three styles:

  • The Review Style (I vs Their): This sort of product blogging uses the ‘first person’, and usually involves a positive review of the product/service from the ‘satisfied customer’ angle. 
  • The Seller Style (You vs Our): This type of product blogging uses the ‘second person’, and generally involves convincing a customer to buy a product, from the seller’s perspective. 
  • The Media Style (Company ABC): This form of product blogging uses the ‘third person’, and talks about the product from the ‘news media’ standpoint. This is the most preferred form of product blogging, for most businesses.

A product blog post is especially needed when you are launching a new product or service, and require strong exposure to get noticed by your targeted audience. A product blog post will help you pass on product information, generate publicity, and get people to talk about you online.

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