Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Top Five Styles for Writing Sharp Website Copy

A writing style is a unique way of putting words together. There is no ‘ideal’ style for web copywriting, as each client may prefer a different writing style depending on their targeted audience and company policy.

Below are five of the most common writing styles generally preferred by businesses for website copywriting:

  • The Formal Style: This form of web copy writing presents information in a clear and concise manner, with an impersonal tone, which some people may often consider bureaucratic. The formal style of writing is usually used for the websites of government institutions, educational institutions and other official bodies, that wish to appear superior and highly professional to their readers. Content in the formal style is generally written in the third person, with a generous sprinkling of jargon and difficult-to-understand terminology. Here is an example of the formal style of writing web copy: "Managing costs effectively can only take a business so far. What an enterprise really requires is accelerated growth. Whether it is entering new market domains, introducing innovative new products, or initiating transformational process changes, companies need to aggressively unlock the key value levers of their business".
  • The Informal Style: The informal style of web copywriting addresses the reader directly in a pleasant and courteous tone, presenting some problems the reader may be facing and how the client company can help solve it. It is the most popular style of web copywriting, and usually has call-to-action messages to help generate leads for the company. Here is an example of the informal style of website copy writing: "Are you up to your head in debt? Have your debt problems turned your life into hell? If so, then our debt consolidation services may be exactly what you need. We have helped hundreds of people turn their multiple debt burdens into single, affordable monthly payments, and will help you do the same, with utmost ease. Contact us now for a free quote at..."
  • The Persuasive Style: This style of website copy writing promotes the client company as one of the best in the market. It generally boasts about the positives of the business, and why clients should choose it, rather than any of its competitors. This persuasive-style of web copy writing has strong chest-thumping copy, and is usually written in the first person. Here is an example of the persuasive style of website copywriting: "If you are looking for a comprehensive branding platform to build your business, then is what you need. Our specialists are amongst the best in the business, and use the finest online strategies to work wonders for your branding campaign. Thousands of people have tried our amazing services, with outstanding success. Sign up now to experience the full range of benefits we can bring you!"
  • The Guarded Style: The guarded style of web copywriting is a style preferred by businesses that fear legal action/malpractice suits brought on by customers; such as medical clinics, dental clinics and cosmetic surgery clinics. This style of writing involves using ambiguous terms like ‘generally, usually, in some cases, often’ in website copy, and a number of disclaimers. The guarded style of writing ensures there are loopholes for company lawyers to use, in case someone sues them regarding information displayed on their website. Here is an example of the guarded style of web copy writing: "Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments. Our dental clinic offers teeth whitening through in-surgery ZOOM whitening, home bleaching kits and other methods. An in-surgery Zoom whitening treatment can usually be completed during a single appointment, in most cases. Generally, most patients notice they look younger after such a teeth whitening treatment."
  • The Humorous Style: Writing website content in this style is the most difficult, as humour is subjective, and may not be understood by all readers. What might seem funny to the company management or the copywriter, might seem offensive to the reader or result in a misunderstanding (especially amongst people from other cultures). While humour can be refreshing, the humorous style should always be used cautiously, after verifying that the humour is appropriate for the targeted audience and the needs of the business. A good example of the humorous web copy writing style is
Business content, like website copy, should always be professional. While selecting a style for your website content, the number one thing to consider is your targeted audience. What style would make your reader the most comfortable and interested in doing business with you? What style would best suit your business needs? Would you like a combination of styles? Discuss this with your content writing company before they begin work on your project, and you will be assured of sharp website copy that brings in the results you desire. has been offering high quality web copywriting services to hundreds of clients for the last five years. If you require well-written content for your website, just email us at or fill in our Contact Us form today.

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